About The Anxiety Lad

The Anxiety Lad is a blog that exists to help you recover from anxiety. It is run by me, Tom Olsen.

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Who am I?

I’m someone who is living and surviving with anxiety, just like you.

I wasn’t always anxious. I guess it started back in middle school and kind of peaked in high school. The same holds true for depression.

How can this website help you?

The content you find here is heavily influenced by cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT stands out because its tools are highly suited and effective as self-help material.

I won’t claim that using CBT as self-help is better than seeing a licensed practitioner, it isn’t.

Your neighbor might see a full recovery from self-help options, while you might need professional therapy and medications. We are all different.

I also won’t claim that self-taught CBT is for everyone. I do believe everyone who puts in work will see improvement, but recovery is never guaranteed.

I aim to give you the knowledge, tools, and techniques you need to recover.

All I need from you is a willingness to put these changes into life, because nothing comes for free.

Recovering will mean making difficult changes to your thoughts, behaviors, habits, and more. But don’t worry, I am here to make these transitions as clear and easy as possible, and to guide you all the way.

Recovery is not impossible!